Clear Environmental Services (CES) is here to assist you in resolving today's indoor environmental problems and concerns. We have been serving all of Southern California, Los Angeles and Riverside communities since 2009 and have worked with thousands of businesses, home owners, insurance companies, law firms, schools, government agencies in resolving all indoor air quality issues.

Our team of highly experienced, licensed and certified professionals will serve you with our state of the art instrumentation. With a quick response team and competent personnel, CES has quickly built a strong reputation throughout Southern California as a reliable, professional and friendly company. CES specializes in a variety of services in Asbestos, Lead, Mold and Radon inspections, testing, air monitoring, environmental monitoring, consulting and risk assessments. We strive on quick response times to your site as well as providing you with all the information you need withing 24 hrs.

We have the highest standards in the business and thus perform no remediation, no abatement or construction. You can be assured that there will be absolutely no Conflict of Interest when you put your trust in CES. Whether you are a homeowner who needs reassurance, a contractor with a deadline, Realtor in need of a home inspection, or an insurance adjuster looking for an unbiased evaluation, we will consistently exceed your expectations every day, on every project.

Since 2009, Clear Environmental Services has been providing the following services to our clients:

  • Certified Mold Testing.

  • Certified Moisture Investigation.

  • Environmental Services, Testing and Industrial Hygiene Consulting.

  • Functional Home Inspections.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Testing Including Molds.

  • Environmental Health Testing.

  • Smoke & Soot (Black Carbon) Assessment

At Home/Business Diagnosis To Inspect:

  • Harmful V.O.Cā€™s, (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Harmful Odors
  • Smelly Mold
  • Mildew
  • Water Damage Assessments

Post Remediation Clearance Documents and Protocols:

  • Indoor Radon Gas
  • Lead Based Paint Surveys
  • Asbestos Assessments/Surveys
  • Formaldahyde
  • E-Coli and Bacteria Testing
  • Allergen Screening

Non-Invasive meter & invasive meter moisture detection.

Computerized thermal imaging utilizing infrared camera (FLIR).